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       * 适用于OA/OV设备中; This Crystal unit for digital appliance and office equipment.
       * 小型化、薄式(5.0x3.2x1.3mm typ); Compact and thin (5.0x3.2x1.3mm typ).
       * 频率范围:10MHz~60MHz; Frequency range:10MHz~60MHz
       * 陶瓷封装. Ceramic package.
       * 适合于自动安装. These can meet the requirements of self-loading and reflow profiling.
       * 符合RoHS标准. RoHS Complian.
    频率范围(Fo)              Frequency Range(Fo) 10MHz~19.999MHz 20MHz~25.999MHz 26MHz~60.000MHz
    震动模式                  Overtone Mode 基本波 Fundamental 3倍波 3rd
    调整频差(at25℃)          Frequency Tonlerance(at25℃) +/-30ppm '+/-10ppm or specify

    温度频差(基准温度点25℃)   Frequency Characteristics(in reference to 25℃)

    +/-30ppm '+/-10ppm or specify
    温度范围                  Operating Temperature Range -20℃~+70℃ or specify
    储存温度范围(Tstg)        Stoarge Temperature Range(Tstg) -40℃~+85℃
    等效电阻                  Equivalent Series Resistance 120Ω Max 60Ω Max 40Ω Max
    静态电容(Co)              Shunt Capacitance(Co) 5pF max
    激动功率                  Drive level 50μW(100μW Max)
    负载电容                  load Capacitance 20pF 18pF 16pF or specify
    年老化率                  Frequency Aging +/-5ppm/year Max